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Satellite Telecommunication Lab
Dr. S. H. Sedighy
Advanced Nanoceramics and Crabon materials Lab
Dr. M. Jalaly
Smart Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems Lab
Dr. S. Sadeghzadeh
Medicine Nanotechnology & Tissue Engineering Lab
Dr. S. M. Naghib
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-porous materials Lab
Dr. H. Banna Motejadded Emrooz
Emerging Technologies in Energy Systems Lab
Dr. Maysam Farajollahi
Energy and Environmental Nanotechnology Laboratory
Dr. A. Zahedi
Energy systems optimization Lab
Dr. A. Ahmadi
Renewable Energy Lab
Dr. M. Mirhosseini

Multi-Satellite Space Systems
Dr. M. Bakhtiari
Advanced Radio Circuits and Systems Research Lab
Dr. V. Nayyeri
Novel Intelligent Technologies Lab. (NIT Lab)
Mehdi Nasiri Sarvi

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